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Business Units

Bitachon Systems

3rd Party Logistics

Third party Logistics is a logistics company into the supply of the mining and industrial consumables. Through its networks, the company offers Logistics service through strategic sourcing and supply. It does this efficiently and sticks to the promised lead times. The company was incorporated in 2019 and has since acquired quite a sizeable number of clients through quality services delivery

Lavana chemicals

Lavana chemicals is a company that deals in the supply of chemicals for an incredibly wide range of applications. We understand the importance and use of chemical products and strive to focus on open innovation for new and improved chemicals and business growth.

Eirny Pharmaceuticals

Eirny Pharmaceuticals is an innovative sourcing and distribution pharmaceuticals company focused on improving patient’s lives by offering a wide range of products and services to customers across regions. The company was incorporated in 2019, and is a subsidiary of Grakaemmanuels Holdings.

Nirel Farming Tech

Grakaemmanuels is uniquely positioned to provide both it’s distributors and end-users ( consumers) with effective, high-quality products through its strategic partnerships with various manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide.